The „German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research” will be holding an information seminar about cooperation possibilities between Bavarian and Albertan companies – Nuremberg, Oct. 18, and Munich, Oct. 19, 2012


The German-Canadian seminar, with a focus on cooperation opportunities, will be held in Nuremberg on Oct. 18, and in Munich on Oct. 19, 2012, organized by the GCCIR and TUMTech.

Its objective is to bring companies together to get to know each other and discuss possible cooperation avenues between Bavaria and Alberta. After a quick presentation of each Canadian and German participants, the latter will be invited to exchange in one-on-one discussions between their representatives.

The cooperation opportunities aimed at during this seminar are actually supported by a new Alberta government funding program which support SMEs in their efforts to collaborate in product development, prototyping and commercializing.

The branches at the center of the seminar’s focus are:

On top of the 15 Alberta-based companies which will be attending, representatives of the GCCIR will also be present to answer questions about Canada and to discuss special issues, like finding the right commercial partner to market your products.

Source:  www.gccir.ca