CSA Group expands European operation and global service offerings: Oopening of new advanced testing facility in Germany


CSA Group, a leading global provider of product certification and testing services officially announces the opening of its new environmental testing laboratory for automotive, e-vehicles, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), power tools, IT, safety and environmental, home appliances, and other product categories in Straßkirchen, Bavaria (East of Regensburg). The new facility offers localized testing and International Compliance Management services for European manufacturers supplying global and North American markets. The new lab is conveniently located next to the testing facilities of emitel AG and mikes- testingpartners gmbh, both of which were acquired by CSA Group in 2011.

“The new laboratory is a part of CSA Group’s strategic growth plan and core commitment to provide our customers with localized testing and certification services for global markets,” says Magali Depras, Vice President for Europe, CSA Group. “The new lab provides very sophisticated testing facilities specifically for environmental testing including larger climate test cabinets, temperature test chambers, solar climatic test cabinets, new shakers and random free fall chambers and increases our testing capabilities by 50 per cent. We are delighted to offer services to our European and global customers in our new Strasskirchen facilities that are among the largest and the most technically advanced testing facilities in the German market.”

CSA Group’s expanded service offerings resulting from the new facility include additional testing capabilities for multimedia and information technologies, automotive and electric vehicles, photovoltaics, fuel cells, wind turbines, appliances for household, electric power tools and garden tools as well as radio and wireless transmission technologies in Germany. Its acquired companies, emitel AG and mikes-testingpartners gmbh are recognized testing and certification organizations for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and radio/telecommunication as well as safety testing in Germany with a focus on the automotive, transportation and e-vehicle industry.

In addition to its European head office in Frankfurt and laboratories in Germany, CSA Group’s European presence includes testing facilities in Switzerland focused on medical as well as laboratories in the UK which focus on testing for hazardous locations and industrial products. The organization also has offices in Italy and The Netherlands.


About CSA Group:
CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit membership association dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability. Its knowledge and expertise encompass standards development; training and advisory solutions; global testing and certification services across key business areas including hazardous location and industrial, plumbing and construction, medical, safety and technology, appliances and gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability; as well as consumer product evaluation services. The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide. www.csagroup.org

Source: AHK Toronto