MedienCampus Bayern and Quebec-based LOJIQ: Exchange program in media branch – Call for applications for internships in Quebec


The Bavarian organization MedienCampus Bayern rolls out its exchange program for young professionals and students from Bavaria in the media sector.

Two Bavarian candidates will have the opportunity to complete a 3-month internship in a media, production or newspaper organization or company in Quebec. Applicants must submit their paperwork by March 29th, 2013.

Applicants must have gathered practical experience, be it with their own projects or within an internship. It would be of advantage to hold a diploma in the media or adjacent sector. Moreover, applicants must display sufficient knowledge of the English and French languages, since the internship will take place in a Quebec company, where the work language can be both. Further infos on the exchange program and application process.

The exchange program offered by MedienCampus Bayern and LOJIQ  (Les Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Québec) is part of the Bavaria-Quebec cooperation.

Source: mediencampus.de