BMW, European engineering students’ favorite company européens


Management students from European universities see Google as the most attractive employer, while their fellow students from the engineering branches favour BMW.

The Swedish polling institute Universum asked 85,000 students from 10 European countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland) on the company they judged most attractive to start their career.

On the engineers’ side, only one company isn’t from the industrial sector: the strategic consultants McKinsey. (…) Tradition industries are very well represented, with BMW and Siemens (both headquartered in Bavaria), EADS, Bosch, General Electric and Philips.

Top 10 – Engineers:

  1. BMW
  2. IBM
  3. Siemens
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft
  6. EADS
  7. Bosch
  8. General Electric
  9. McKinsey & Company
  10. Philips

Source : lemonde.fr