Munich among top-10 of cities with the best quality of life worldwide


View on the English Garden - picture Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH

No other German town boasts a better quality of life than Munich. Furthermore, Mercer places the Bavarian capital 4th worldwide when comparing quality of life. In its “Quality of Living Ranking”, the international consulting firm examined 221 great cities around the planet.

Beside Munich's outstanding performance, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt-on-the-Main, placing 6th resp. 7th, are the two other German cities who’ve made it into the worldwide Top-10. The first place is held by Vienna (Austria), second is Zurich (Switzerland) and Auckland (New Zealand) places third.

To analyse the quality of living, Mercer examined 39 criteria. Political, social, economic and environmental characteristics were taken into account, as well as other factors such as personal safety and health, level of available education and transportation means, plus other public services.

Munich stands out even more in the sole evaluation of infrastructures. Together with Frankfurt-on-the-Main, the Bavarian metropolis places 2nd behind Singapore. For this ranking, criteria taken into account were energy and water supply, phone and postal services, public transit offer, congestion, as well as international flights offer.

Source : muenchen.de