Thomas Demand exhibition at DHC/ART, January to May 2013: See the work of Municb-born, internationally acclaimed visual artist


©Thomas Demand

DHC/ART is delighted to present an exhibition focused on Thomas Demand’s films and videos. A philosophical commentator on the authenticity of the “real” and the slippages of memory, Demand is a well-known German photographer who began as a sculptor, but is now widely acclaimed for photographic and moving image works.

Demand’s work interlaces photography, architecture and sculpture. His method usually begins with an image culled from the media, which is meticulously re-fabricated, by hand into a life-size, three-dimensional paper and cardboard sculpture, to ultimately end up as photograph.

The resulting images are both very recognizable and strangely out of reach. Crucial to the context are photography’s long-debated truth claims, and the photograph’s indexical quality.

The artist’s intriguing photos and films, always devoid of people, lure the viewer into a reality that is not what it appears to be. He makes images in the image of an image – therefore, triply removed from reality. (…)

[Besides Rain (2008) and Escalator (2001),] the centerpiece of the DHC/ART exhibition is the staggering Pacific Sun (2012). Drawn from a YouTube clip of a security camera on a cruise ship caught in a violent storm in the South Pacific, it’s easily Demand’s most ambitious project to date. Recreating the panicked scene from the boat’s café, he re-stages the dramatic original footage with shows chairs, tables and people seesawing from one side of the room to the other. Demand’s film omits the people, but meticulously recreates all other movements of this near disaster. (…)

Thomas Demand: Animations is a collaboration with the Des Moines Arts Center. A bilingual catalogue with essays by Michael Fried, Bruce Sterling and Des Moines Arts Center Director Jeff Fleming accompanies the exhibition.

Saturday, January 19 to Sunday, May 12, 2013
DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art

Free admission
451 & 465, St-Jean Street (angle Notre-Dame, Vieux-Montreal)
+1 514 849 3742 or info@dhc-art.org

Curator: John Zeppetelli

Talk with Michael Fried and Thomas Demand on January 17 at 7:00 p.m. at PHI Centre (407 St-Pierre St.)

Source & more info: dhc-art.org