Delegation from the Quebec Assemblée nationale visiting Bavaria


Members of the DANRBA visiting Bavaria at the Glass Museum in Frauenau - © Bayerischer Landtag

Members of the Quebec parliament (Assemblée nationale) were visiting Bavaria from March 1-7, 2013, following an invitation by Mrs. Barbara Stamm, President of the Bavarian parliament (Landtag). Among the main topics of discussion were strategies and models to face demographic changes. Led by Assemblée nationale President Jacques Chagnon, the group was first offered an insight in the "Integrated Rural Development" association (Integrierte Ländliche Entwicklung e.V.) in the are of Ilz, Lower Bavaria. The guests from Quebec also gathered information about the Munich project "Life in the neighborhood" ("Wohnen im Viertel"), which enables elderly and disabled people to stay in their own appartment despite accute care needs, thanks to a global welfare services offer.

In the Landtag, the politicians from Quebec had exchanges with members of the Social Affairs group, with representatives of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege, a coalition of non-governmental welfare services providers across Bavaria, with representatives of the German Corporation of Welfare Professions, as well as with the Bavarian Welfare Services Auditor, on topics ranging from home-bound care to the financing of long-time welfare services and employment in welfare professions. With the President of the Landtag, Mrs. Barbara Stamm, and several other executive committee (Praesidium) members of the Landtag, the Quebec MPs carried on the discussions on immigration policy initiated by the Bavarian Landtag Praesidium members during their visit to Quebec in 2011. The long experience of immigration-country Canada and its multi-ethnic province Quebec is a strong asset in this regard, especially when looking at current developments and migration perspectives.

To wrap up the journey, the guests from Quebec were offered an insight into the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian public broadcast). General Manager Ulrich Wilhelm and Head of B5 Programs Max Stocker informed the visiting group about the structure and mandate of the public broadcast system in Bavaria. A particularly interesting topic for the guests from Quebec, since in Quebec also - as opposed to the Northern American habit - the public broadcast system plays a great role in the media landscape. Landtag President Barbara Stamm sees the long and intensive visit of the Quebec delegation as a proof that the partnership between Bavaria and Quebec gains in intensity. "Going on with our bilateral exchanges, especially on the level of both our Parliaments, shows that this partnership actually lives on and puts things into motion. It is an enrichment for both parties", she says.

Source: www.bayern.landtag.de