Ernst & Young survey of medium-sized companies 2013: Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Zeil happy to see Bavaria confirmed as top-location


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Reading the current MSE barometer published by Ernst & Young, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Bavaria, Mr. Martin Zeil, declared: “Bavaria is Germany’s top location. The best notes the MSEs gave in the survey all show that our middle-class support, financial and education policies have paved the way for a bright future.”

According to the survey, Bavaria still holds place #1 in the regional comparison of global business environments between German Länder (regions) . 88% of the companies interrogated describe Bavaria as a good or rather good location. Companies in Bavaria are globally far more satisfied with the regional frame conditions (44%) than companies in the rest of Germany (34%).

In no other Land the companies declare themselves as satisfied with the local middle-class support policies as they do in Bavaria – which advanced from place 3 to place 1 in the regional comparison from last year. Judging education policies, Bavaria also is on the top step (previous year: 3rd place). Last but not least, the satisfaction about support programs is the highest in Bavaria and holds the 1st place in the regional comparison with a remarkable advance (previous year: 2nd place).

“Bavaria’s profile is remarkable, Mr. Zeil underlines. This we owe to our strong middle-class. Entrepreneurial initiative though can only flourish when policies give the necessary back-wind to business founders, freelancers and independent workers. This is the path we have consequently walked over the past few years in Bavaria – and it was obviously worth it”, he adds.

The MSE barometer is published annually by Ernst & Young since 2003, and focuses on a Germany-wide phone survey with executives and owners of 3000 medium-sized companies. In Bavaria, the 2013 survey interrogated 375 entrepreneurs.

Source: stmwivt.bayern.de