Chantal Neveu and Michael von Killisch-Horn to take part in new Bavaria-Quebec residence program in Autumn 2013


Villa Waldberta, source : wikipedia.org

Quebec writer Chantal Neveu was selected to participate in the artist residence exchange between Bavaria and Quebec in the Fall of 2013. She will stay at Villa Waldberta, the City of Munich’s international artists’ residence, for 3 months, while the Munich-born literary translator Michael von Killisch-Horn will make the inverse trip and stay in Montreal during the same period.

The residence program organized jointly by Villa Waldberta and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec via L’Union des écrivaines et des écrivains du Québec, is specifically targeted at writers and literary translators. It is one of the more than 500 cooperation projects to have been realized since 1989 between Bavaria and Quebec within the official bilateral cooperation between the two regions. The residence exchange will take place again in the Fall of 2014, on the same terms. Artists are thus able to work on their project, present their work to the public, as well as to connect with the local artistic and literary scenes. It is one of the many bricks of building a lasting cultural relationship between Bavaria and Quebec.

Chantal Neveu (c) Andréanne Michon PhotographeBorn in 1964 in Montreal, Chantal Neveu (pictured right, © Andréanne Michon) studied film-making, with which she started her career, before turning to writing, and especially to poetry. She first drew interest after “Mentale” and “Coït”, 2 poetry collections, were published in 2008, resp. 2010 by La Peuplade editions. Her work has been the subject of readings, audio pieces and motion-picture interpretations, among others by the German public cultural radio broadcaster DeutschlandRadio Kultur. She also was part of several residence programs in Brussels (Belgium), Lyon and Villeneuve-lez-Avignon (France).

Michael von Killisch-Horn was born in Bremen in 1954 and studied Roman and German Languages as well as teaching German as a Second Language. He lives in Munich as a literary translator: He translates French, Italian, Portuguese and English works into German. Among others, he translated works by Jean Giono, Nancy Huston, Blaise Centrars and Yves Bonnefoy.

On the occasion of the first literary exchange between Bavaria and Quebec in 2009-2010, Bavarian writers and translators Bernadette Ott and Simon Werle had stayed in Montreal as guests of the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains du Québec (UNEQ), while Quebec writers Denis Thériault and Éric Dupont were staying at Villa Waldberta. The City of Munich’s international artists residence is located on the rivers of the beautiful Starnberg Lake and has been welcoming from 30 to 40 writers from all over the world each year since 2005.

Source : www.quebec-info.de