10th anniversary of the agreement between SODEC and FFF Bayern: New cooperations in sight


On May 24, 2013, SODEC (Quebec bureau for the Development of Cultural Companies) announced they will collaborate with FFF Bayern (Film and Television Fund of Bavaria) in order to develop new activities surrounding the 10th anniversary of their cooperation agreement. SODEC President and CEO, François Macerola, and FFF Bayern General Manager, Prof. Dr. Klaus Schäfer, met during the 2013 Cannes Festival to discuss the participation of SODEC and FFF Bayern in various Munich, Paris and Montreal film festivals over the upcoming years.

Sodec-logo2In November 2013, Bavaria will be the guest of honor at the Cinéma du Québec à Paris festival’s “Rencontres de coproduction francophone”. This will be the first time Bavaria is part of a co-producing activity and of the projection of Quebec films in Paris. Then in May 2014, Quebec documentary film makers will be part of the co-production section of Munich’s DOK.fest documentary festival. Quebec creators will be able to meet outstanding partners in the Bavarian film industry. A similar trip will be organized in 2015, to the Rencontres internationals du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM), where Bavarian film makers shall take part in various activities with professionals from the province of Quebec.

Moreover, from Sept. 24-29, 2013, FFF Bayern will participate for the first time in the independant festival „Ciné Tapis Rouge“ in Montréal, as this year's geographical focus is on Bavaria. FFF Bayern will visit the festival with a delegation of Bavarian film makers in order to present a number of short and feature films from Bavaria. The visiting directors will be invited to panel discussions, as well as visit SODEC.


Meeting during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival: Mrs. Élaine Dumont and Mr. François Macerola from SODEC standing outside around Dr. Klaus Schäfer and Mrs. Gabriele Pfennigsdorf from FFF Bayern, May 24, 2013 (picture SODEC - courtesy)

“Pursuing our collaboration with FFF Bayern is excellent news especially for our creators and professionals who can envision real networking opportunities this way. Sharing both Quebec and Bavarian cultures is an extremely rich and stimulating field, and these efforts will create the necessary synergy to increase our cultural organizations’ visibility, and the influence of Quebec culture in Europe”, said François Macerola.

Quebec and Bavarian governments are tied by an official cooperation agreement signed in 1989. Since its inception, more than 550 cooperation projects have been successfully completed, many of which in the film area.

Source : www.fff-bayern.de