Floods in Bavaria: Government puts crisis unit together


In front of a Passau coffee shop only the parasols' tops are visible. Picture www.bayern.de

In several areas of Southern and Eastern Bavaria, after days of heavy rain, the state of emergency has been declared. On Monday, June 3, in Passau the record water level of 1501 was broken, the complete city is now out of drinking water and electricity. In several areas of Upper Bavaria the Abitur exams have to be postponed, schools remain closed despite the end of Pentecost holidays. The floods also obstruct train traffic towards Austria, large portions of highways and regional roads are closed. A dam broke in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria. Tens of thousands had to be evacuated.

On Tuesday, provided it doesn't interfer with the helpers' work, federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Bavarian Minister President Horst Seehofer will visit the flooded areas to get a better picture of the situation there.

Bavarian Minister of Finance Markus Söder has already announced during the week end that the people whose houses and belongings were flooded will be able to count on fiscal ease measures as well as direct financial help for victims of natural catastrophies whose existences are endangered.

In order to control the flood situation, the regional government of Bavaria has put a crisis team together, consisting of Minister President Horst Seehofer, Minister of Environment Marcel Huber, Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Zeil, Minister of Interior Affairs Joachim Herrmann, Minister of Finance Markus Söder, Minister of Agriculture Helmut Brunner, Minister of Culture Ludwig Spänle, and Chief of Chancellery Thomas Kreuzer. On Wednesday the cabinet will meet in Munich and vote upon the financial help package for areas touched by the floods. The Bavarian Government plans on allowing a 150 million Euro package as direct help to victims of floods in Bavaria. A direct help should also come from the federal government.

The Bavarian government expresses their thanks to all the helpers involved in the situation, as well as to the federal government for their support, especially throughout the army. With the dimension of these historic floods, Bavaria will also have to rely on some help from the European Union.

Besides Bavaria, wide parts of Thuringe, Saxony, Bohemia and Austria are also threatened.

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