Electric mobility business delegation to Germany: Quebec Minister Lisée visits Munich and Dresden with a group of Quebec experts and business people


Electric car - © Eisenhans - Fotolia.com - via bayern.de

Under the lead of the Quebec Minister for International Relations, Francophonia and Foreign Exchange, Mr. Jean-François Lisée, a delegation of business people and specialists in the sector of electric mobility will visit Germany from June 18th to 21st.

The goal is to enable Quebec companies and organisations to develop and strengthen industrial and technological partnerships with the regions of Bavaria and Saxony, two Länder strongly involved in innovation in this sector.

The partners Bavaria/Saxony are one of the regional “E-Mobility Showcases”, emphasized by the German federal government in April 2012. Quebec is their international partner in this project. The mission comes within this partnership, preparatory to a larger cooperation between companies and organisations of all three regions.

Bavaria and Saxony currently work on the project “Elektromobilität verbindet” (electric mobility unites us), which will finance around 50 projects, bringing together more than 150 partnerships, who are to share a federal subsidy of 140 million euros. Bavaria itself will finance programmes for transport electrification with 60 million euros in the upcoming years. Those projects will have to be developed at the cross point of electric mobility, energy systems and transportation concepts, around 5 key sectors:

  • Long distance mobility
  • Urban mobility
  • Rural mobility
  • International relations
  • Education and training

According to a survey of the national Electric Mobiliy Platform (NPE, Nationaler Entwicklungsplan Elektromobilität), the German industry will invest up to 17 billion euros in R&D focusing on technologies and solutions for the electric mobility in upcoming years.

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