"Solutions - Made in Bayern" Canadian project participants enthusiastic about Bavarian solar energy


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From June 16th to June 21st 2013, the project “Solutions – Made in Bayern” invited a group of Canadian experts and business people to visit Bavarian solar energy companies, production sites and objects of reference. They gathered information on modern technologies in the fields of photovoltaic conversion, solar thermal energy and building-integrated solutions. Furthermore, the participants – among them managers of solar energy companies as well as of consulting agencies and research institutions, the president of the Canadian Solar Industries Association and a high-ranking agent of Nova Scotia’s Department of Energy of – used the chance to visit the Intersolar Europe trade fair and to establish personal contacts with Bavarian partner companies through individual meetings. The visit enabled Bavarian and Canadian industry people to establish direct ties and therefore promoted the use of German solar technologies in Canada.

In Canada, natural prerequisites for the use of solar energy are promising, with an  average solar irradiation of 1.150 kWh/m2 per year (Southern Germany: 950 kWh/m2). In the area of photovoltaic conversion, the installed capacity in Canada currently holds ca. 765 MW. 91% of it are located in Ontario, the second biggest solar energy market in North America. By 2018, small projects (up to 500 Kw) will install further 900 MW in Ontario alone.

Source: Bayern International