Bavarian labour market statistics are „excellent evidence of achievement for Bavaria”, says MP Horst Seehofer


Work agency - schwaebische.de

Bavaria’s Minister-President, Mr. Horst Seehofer, comments the latest job market statistics for Bavaria. “(This is) an impressive proof for the dynamics of the Bavarian economy. Yet again, Bavaria is the leader of all 16 German Länder in the Summer. An unemployment rate of 3.6% in Bavaria is an excellent result both for our employers, our workers and our policies. Furthermore, the evolution is comparable in all of our 7 districts, which is an essential prerequisite for the equal development of life standards in all of Bavaria.”

The Minister-President was particularly happy about the unemployment rate for the under-25-years category, which lies below the Bavarian average: “On the youth employment front, we have almost achieved full-employment. By comparison with the grim situation of Southern European youth, this is sensational news.”

The unemployment rate was 3.6% in Bavaria in June 2013. Over all districts it varies between 2.9% (Lower Bavaria) and 4.6% (Middle Franconia).

The youth unemployment rate (25 years old or less) was 2.7% at the same period.

Source: StMWIVT