German population grew by almost 200,000 persons in 2012. Bavaria saw the strongest increase.



The German federal bureau of statistics was flabbergasted to see that in 2012 Germany boasted the highest population growth since the mid-90s. In total, the German population grew by 0.2%, to approx. 80.5 million inhabitants. This is mainly due to the high number of immigrants coming to Germany.

In 2012, the population in Germany grew by almost 200,000 inhabitants. The reason for that is the high immigration rate. Especially people from Eastern Europe and from the Euro-crisis countries in the South come to Germany.

As “economic boom region” (Spiegel.de), Bavaria is the federal state with the strongest increase. Compared to the previous year, the number of people living and working in Bavaria rose by 76,000. The neighbouring federal state Baden-Württemberg takes the second rank (57,000), followed by Berlin in third place (49,000).

Source: www.spiegel.de