Siemens plans to build a new Siemens campus in Erlangen


Siemens AG announced it will build a modern, sustainable Siemens Campus in the area of the previous Siemens location South of Erlangenby 2030. The construction project has an anticipated investment volume of more than 500 million euros and covers an area of just over 54 hectare (5.8 million sq ft). The Bavarian Minister President Mr. Horst Seehofer underlines: “Siemens is located in the whole world, but its roots are in Bavaria. With today’s announcement, the group is making an impressive statement about Bavaria as a business and industry location. Where you build, there you stay.”

A long history connects Erlangen to Siemens, dating back to 1925: the reunion of Reininger Werke and Siemens & Halske laid the foundation of today’s healthcare sector. Erlangen is now Siemens's most important location and a core competence center within the company. The Group's sectors Industry, Energy and Healthcare are headquartered in Erlangen.

The Siemens Campus shall not only offer a modern work environment with future-orientated office, research and laboratory facilities, it will also be a hotel including appartments for foreign Siemens employees. A complete new residential and living environment is also on the drawing table. With the Siemens Campus project, Siemens reinforces the region and Erlangen as a historic location.

Source: www.bayern.de