Reelection of Horst Seehofer as Minister President by the Bavarian Parliament and presentation of the new ministers in Bavaria


New ministers cabinet in Bavaria - picture www.bayern.de

On October  8th 2013, the Bavarian Landtag (parliament) elected Horst Seehofer for the second time in a row as Minister President (primer minister) of Bavaria, by 100 votes out of 176. Since the September 2013 elections, the party CSU holds 101 seats in the Landtag.

On October 10th, 2013, the Bavarian State Chancellery presented the new ministers in an official press release. Since the CSU (Christian-Social Union) has the absolute majority in the Landtag, the Ministers in the Cabinet are all members of the CSU. 

  • Head of Bavarian State Chancellery and  Bavarian State Minister of Federal and Special Affairs:  Christine Haderthauer
  • Bavarian State Minister of European Affairs and Regional Relations:  Dr. Beate Merk
  • Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, Construction and Transport:  Joachim Herrmann
    Vice Minister:  Gerhard Eck
  • Bavarian State Minister of Justice:  Prof. Dr. Winfried Bausback
  • Bavarian State Minister of Education, Sciences and the Arts:  Dr. Ludwig Spaenle
    Vice Minister: Georg Eisenreich
    Vice Minister: Bernd Sibler
  • Bavarian State Minister of Finance, Territorial Development and Heritage:  Dr. Markus Söder
    Vice Minister:  Johannes Hintersberger, MA
    Vice Minister:  Albert Füracker
  • Bavarian State Minister of  Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology: Ilse Aigner
    Vice Minister:  Franz Josef Pschierer
  • Bavarian State Minister of  the Environment and Consumer Protection:  Dr. Marcel Huber
  • Bavarian State Minister of Nutrition, Agriculture and Forests:  Helmut Brunner
  • Bavarian State Minister of Employment, Social & Family Affairs and Integration:  Emilia Müller
  • Bavarian State Minister of Health and Care:  Melanie Huml

Source: www.bayern.de