16th Meeting of the Bavarian Representatives Abroad in Munich


The annual meeting of the Bavarian State representatives abroad - picture StMWi

Bavaria has representation offices in more than 20 countries of importance for the Bavarian export economy, such as China, Brazil, Japan, India, Russia, the USA or the United Arab Emirates. In 2013, two additional offices were opened in Chile and the Province of Shenzhen in southern China. The 2014 annual meeting of the Bavarian State representatives abroad took  place in Munich, February 11-14.

Our international representation offices are the first contact point abroad, especially for small and medium-sized companies. They consult with companies on market entrance opportunities and support them in the establishment of business relationships. By doing this, we facilitate the first step into promising and essential key markets. We must not forget that our industry earns half of its income abroad, explained the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Mrs. Ilse Aigner.

The representation offices do not only contribute to the promotion of the Bavarian export economy. They also actively engage in location marketing. In close cooperation with the settlement agency “Invest in Bavaria”, they make a considerable contribution to profiling Bavaria as an international business hub. “They win potential investors abroad and support them, from their first considerations of expansion to their actual settlement in Bavaria”, Aigner continued.

Export-interested Bavarian companies will find all offers of the State of Bavaria and its partners on the website www.aussenwirtschaft-in-bayern.de.

Source: www.stmwi.bayern.de