International eco-friendly technologies trade fair IFAT to take place in Muncih in May 2014


The international trade show on water, sewage, waste and raw materials management "IFAT" will take place at Munich’s Trafe Fair Center May 5-9, 2014. Every second year, this exhibition, sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection, draws high-ranking specialists from all over the world to the Bavarian capital.

In this context, a "Special Canada" Forum will take place May 7th, from 3-6 pm. The German Canadian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Montreal will be travelling to Munich with a Quebec business delegation. The participants will take the opportunity to meet local companies and gain an insight into the environment sectors of the Munich Region.

Just like in 2010 and 2012, Prof. Ralf Ludwig, chair of the Geography department at Munich's Ludwig-Maximilian University, will lead the discussion on water and sustainable resources management. By focussing on water resources and bioeconomy, the objective is to present the environmental sector of Northern Canada and to exchange information on the investment opportunities and latest technological trends in resource management.

With over 3 million lakes, almost 9% of Canada is covered by freshwater. Water also plays an important role in energy production: for example, more than 60 % of Canada’s electricity is generated from hydroelectric sources. Advanced solutions in water and wastewater treatment increase its efficient and effective use and help preserve water.

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