Denize Galiao, who received praise for her 2012 « Portrait croisé », wins the FFF Bayern award at the DOK.fest Munich 2014, for « In The Shadow Of The Copacabana »


Denize Galiao Brenner (second on the left) and Marie Elisa Scheidt (middle) visit the State of Bavaria Quebec Office in spring 2012

Denize Galiao, a former student at Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München, was awarded the FFF Bayern Grant of 5000 euros at the 2014 DOK.fest Munich, the prestigious Bavarian documentary film festival.

In The Shadow Of The Copacabana portrays political activist Ricardo Gama. Target of an assassination attempt in 2011, he never stopped uncovering Rio de Janeiro’s corrupt politics and the local mafia. He even tried to be elected at municipal level.

The jury justified their choice as follows:

“In The Shadow Of The Copacabana is a touching homage to a solitary fighter. Not a super-hero, just a human protagonist with his contradictions, which Denize Galiao shows visually, convincingly, without ever any usual Brazil-cliché. Blogger Ricardo Gama was the target of an assassination attempt in 2011 and survived 2 bullets in the head. His fight on political corruption in Brazil – where the next soccer world cup will take place – becomes a kind of Don Quixotism when he enters the municipal campaign in the city. But he doesn’t let threats or health drawbacks withhold him and always places common good above his own well-being.”

In 2012, Denize Galiao had taken part in the cooperation program « Portraits croisés », that L’INIS and HFF München have been fostering for several years. Her short documentary “Through The Lens Of InkedKenny” had won several prizes in various festivals around the world (link in French).

Source : www.dokfest-muenchen.de/