Munich is European ICT leader and starting 2016 will be Microsoft Germany’s head office


© European Commission

A study commissioned by the European Commission found Munich to be the number one ICT site in Europe, before Paris and London. In the study, European regions had been analyzed according to the best site conditions. Decisive factors for the ranking were the performances in research and development, business activity and innovation in the ICT sector. These factors had been measured in terms of the number of international partners, the interconnections as well as the sales and the number of employees.

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs, said to this result: “The future belongs to the information and communication technology, the digitalization of the economy will progress. I hope that the success of Munich will rain down upon to the whole State of Bavaria.”

The success of Munich in the ICT-sector is also visible in the relocation of the Microsoft Germany office to Munich-Schwabing (down-town adjacent). On May 13th 2014, Dr. Helmut Röschinger, constructor of the group of companies Argenta, the Microsoft Germany director Dr. Christian Illek and the mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter officially kicked off construction of the head office with the symbolic cut of the spade. The futuristic building shall be finished by mid-2016. According to Christian Illek, the Microsoft building will be adapted energy-efficient and to the “new world of working”. Schwabing being in the heart of Munich will be the ideal site for the new head-office of Microsoft Germany, who will consolidate 3 existing offices there (Berlin, Cologne and Munich) for 1800 of their 2700 German employees, making it the second biggest Microsoft site in Europe.