Silver anniversary – A quarter century of partnership and friendship between Bavaria and Quebec


Michel Côté, General Delegate of Quebec in Munich, and Dr. Marcel Huber, Bavarian Minister of Environment and Consumer Protection, cheered to 25 years of fruitful cooperation between Bavaria and Québec in Munich, June 26, 2014. Picture © Gerhard Blank

Marking 25 years of fruitful cooperation between Bavaria and Quebec, representatives and friends of the two governments were invited to an official reception in Munich to underline the longevity of this partnership. The inner court of Hotel Hofer in Munich gathered a lively crowd to listen to Bavarian Minister of Environment and Consumer Protection, Dr. Marcel Huber, and Quebec General Delegate in Munich, Mr. Michel Côté, give praise to the productive collaboration of their respective regions in the fields of economy and politics, research, culture and education. They both took this opportunity to wish for another 25 years of successful cooperation.

While Minster Dr. Huber stressed the many similarities between Quebec and Bavaria, “two self-conscious players within a federal state – affirming their identity throughout their lifestyle and orientations, but also throughout their great cultural diversity”, Mr. Côté looked over the great milestones of the relationship, whose dynamics are “fuelled by the numerous missions and reciprocal minister visits over the last years”. Thus alternate visits, e.g. about public security, the development of the North of Quebec, or the knowledge exchange in various high-tech domains, have enabled new perspectives just as have done more “impalpable” exchanges, be it on school or professional levels. Particularly mentionable were the school exchanges of Bayerischer Jugendring and Katholisches Schulwerk Bayern, as well as the three students present on that day, representing the countless students that have been part of Bavaria-Quebec school exchanges to this day. Last but not least, cultural events such as the MSO-concert in Munich this year bear special importance as “main elements of our identity and our diversified relationship”.

Not long before the reception, Bavarian and Quebec delegates had taken part in the 13th meeting of the Work Group Bavaria-Quebec, where more than 60 cooperation projects were agreed upon for 2014-2016. The partnership agreement between Bavaria and Quebec had been signed in 1989 by then Minister-President Streibl and Premier Bourassa.