Bavaria’s best Newcomer band 2014 is "50/50" - winning a concert tour to Quebec


The Munich group 50/50 is celebrating its victory at the Newcomer Contest 2014 - Picture © Die Gebrüder Krimm

The winning band at Bavaria’s Newcomer Contest 2014 is « 50/50 ». The group of 4 were chosen Saturday July 26th in front of 1500 spectators in Wurtzburg. From the 100 candidates, three of the five finalists came from the Bavarian capital Munich: « 50/50 », « The Capitols » and « Naked SuperHero ». The other two finalists, « Polar Bird » and « Mustache Monkeys » originate from Regensburg and Miltenberg.

Felix, Jonas, Paul and Flo, the four members of the winner-band, will undertake their tour in early September, giving several concerts in the Canadian province, e.g. at the international music festival « Envol et Macadam » September 5 & 6 in Quebec-City. Simon Gaudry, organiser of Envol et Macadam, traveled to Bavaria to be part of the jury.

Other concerts include September 4 at St. Patrick’s High School and September 7 at the Oktoberfest des Québécois in Repentigny – a suburb of Montréal. 

NewcomercontestThe contest, since its first two editions in 2012 and 2013, is under the patronage of Landtag President Mrs. Barbara Stamm and also receives the support of the Government of Quebec and the of State of Bavaria Montréal Office.

Sources: Die Gebrüder Krimm