Invest in Bavaria celebrates its 15th anniversary


The Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs of the State of Bavaria, Mr. Franz Josef Pschierer, appreciates the work of the agency, underlining its impressive track record as proof of its achievements: “Between 1999 and 2013, Invest in Bavaria successfully assisted around 1.150 projects of investment in Bavaria. According to the investors` reports, a total of 36.000 new jobs were created in Bavaria this way.” That’s an average of 45 new jobs each week.

The companies which could be acquired as investors originate from about 50 different countries. With regard to direct investments from overseas, the projects from the United States and those from Japan listed on top. China notably improved its position within the last years to enter the pool of highest investing nations.  For the first time in 2013, the direct investments from overseas outweighed those from other parts of Germany.

“This does not mean we will rest on our laurels. The 15th birthday of Invest in Bavaria serves us as a reminder to carry forward our engagement. We are still continuing to convince companies of investing in Bavaria, to assist them in adding their innovative products and services to the State`s economy, and thus accelerate the progression of our Mittelstand (SME) as well as our global players.” In the future, a greater effort will be put on digital technologies enterprises , Pschierer further claimed.

The mandate of the agency of the State of Bavaria, which was founded 1999, is to operate the Bavarian economy’s marketing efforts. Invest in Bavaria supports investment and enlargement projects by assisting German and international enterprises as a facilitator. Invest in Bavaria is working closely with more than 25 representations abroad. It is currently employing about 30 contributors in their Munich and Nuremberg offices.