A few days before their winning match in the U20 feminine soccer World Cup, two German players visited Montreal's Alexander von Humboldt German school


The German U20 female soccer team was crowned world champion in Montreal on August 25th, 2014. Picture via FIFA / getty images

On August 25th 2014 in Montreal, Felicitas Rauch, Pauline Bremer and their team won the U20 female soccer world cup. A few days before, they had visited Montréal’s Alexander von Humboldt German International School.

The students there had lots of questions: The two young women talked about their everyday-life, their rare free-time, how long they have been practicing sports and how they handle pressure: „You have to stay calm and believe that you can do it“, says Pauline Bremer. A few days later, this approach worked at the final against Nigeria.

Also present at the event, the director of the DFB (Deutscher Fußballbund), Steffi Jones, and Bärbel Petzold, in charge of girl soccer clubs at DFB, took advantage of the opportunity to promote female soccer.

The visit of the two soccer players was a highlight for everyone involved. Principal Thomas Hinse was happy to present the two national players to the whole school and Barbara de Tschaschell, Vice-Consul General in Montréal, shared his enthusiasm: “The German School with its 300 students is an anchor in Montréal. It was important to me that German and Canadian students can grasp some of the German female soccer culture of . To me, the players seemed very open-minded and team-orientated.”

After all the questions, MMs. Rauch and Bremer showed their soccer competences in a session of penalty shoot-outs and signed autographs.

Source: www.dfb.de