Bavarian Aerospace Strategy 2030. Economics Minister Aigner: „We want to secure Bavaria’s leading position in the aerospace industry“



MUNICH    On January 12, 2015, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Ms. Ilse Aigner presented the “Bavarian Aerospace Strategy 2030” to her fellow cabinet members. The document analyses current conditions in the aerospace industry and points to strategic fields of interest for the future. The Bavarian government thus reacts to the changing international and European context in the branch.

Said Ms. Aigner:Bavaria is an aerospace industry hub. In order to be able to uphold this in the future, the Bavaria government, the aerospace industry cluster, the industry and the research institutions involved have examined strategic fields of interest. The Bavarian Aerospace Strategy wants to design a sustainable future for the growth of aeronautics and aerospace activities in Bavaria.”

To achieve this on the long-term in a sustainable manner, given the growing internationalization of the branch, it is essential that investments and innovation be further strengthened, according to Ms. Aigner. “We want to strengthen our competitivity, by investing in R&D, interconnexion and internationalization, as well as securing a sustainable source of qualified work forces. We want to maintain and further enhance our core competencies, especially in the fields of aerospace systems, propulsion technology, unmanned flight, avionics, and advanced materials. We also want to increase and develop the international influence of existing locations, and support the federal aerospace strategy,” she added.

The Bavarian government’s policy takes its orientation from the long research and product cycles in the aerospace industry, the financing risks arising thereof, as well as their consequences on small and medium enterprises that are prevalent in the Bavarian subcontractor landscape.

The Bavarian Aerospace Strategy 2030 can be downloaded (in German) at www.stmwi.bayern.de/innovation-technologie/schwerpunkte/luft-und-raumfahrt.

Source: www.stmwi.bayern.de