2014 a strong year for film and media industry in Bavaria. Government support will be increased in 2015.


MUNICH    In 2014 the Bavarian film production had one of its most successful years in the past decade. 375 projects in the film production branch were funded with a record total of 32.6 million Euros. The motion pictures financed by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH (FFF) were seen by 15 million viewers.

“This shows how strong our film and media landscape is in Bavaria, be it on a German national or international level”, explained Media Minister Ilse Aigner at the yearly FFF press lunch in January. This means great news for 2015. “In 2015 we will set a new impulse and increase our funding of the film industry by another 1 million Euros. This will go mainly to strengthening budding producers, visual effects, and film festivals in Bavaria”, she continued. Digitization processes should be used more in the film industry and serve the cinema tourism interests – for instance throughout the project “Filmkulisse Bayern” [which fosters Bavaria as a number one shooting location].

The international recognition of Bavaria as a film and media industry hub has also risen. The new program aimed at international co-productions is fructifying: “Big Game”, its first supported production, will start in theaters in Mai 2015. After “Postcard Killings” and “Happy Prince”, another big project is set to come to Bavaria as Oliver Stone will shoot his “Edward Snowden” movie in Bavaria starting in February 2015.

In this fifth year of financial support, the gaming industry received more than 800,000 Euros in 2014 from the government of Bavaria.

Source: www.stmwi.bayern.de