17th meeting of Bavarian representatives abroad: According to Economic Affairs Minister Ilse Aigner “Bavarian companies are recognized worldwide as attractive and reliable partners”


The traditional group foto of Bavarian representatives abroad, at their yearly meeting "back home". Picture © StMWi

MUNICH/NEUFAHRN/LANDSHUT   Foreign trade is an essential pillar of the Bavarian economy. The international interconnection of the region is emblematic, and proven successful by its trade volume of more than 300 billion Euos, as well as the investments of Bavarian companies abroad and foreign investments in Bavaria

According to Minister Ilse Aigner, “Bavarian products and services are in demand all around the world. The global success of Bavaria was a success of multiple businessmen and -women seizing opportunities in foreign markets. We know the importance of foreign trade when it comes to prosperity and jobs in Bavaria.

The foreign trade policy of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs continuously supports the Bavarian economy with several tools, among which the network of representations abroad. The Bavarian representatives provide support for entrepreneurs entering foreign markets, and recruit companies in their countries for investments in Bavaria. Once a year those "Bavarian ambassadors" come home to work together on different subjects - this year in Neufahrn in Lower Bavaria.

The evening reception at Trausnitz castle in Landshut welcomed more than 400 representatives of the lower Bavarian SMEs under the slogan ,Lower Bavaria goes global‘. “I am grateful for what our representatives do. They build a strong competence network” Minister Ilse Aigner declared at the the reception opening.

Source: www.stmwi.bayern.de