Record numbers in 2014 for trade figures in Bavaria: Proof for the successful internationalisation of the Bavarian economy.


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MUNICH The Bavarian foreign trade thrived in the past year despite international insecurity. Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner stressed: “The internationalisation of the Bavarian economy keeps progressing. The exports and imports in Bavaria increased again compared to 2013. The Bavarian economy is competitive in the global markets even during hard economical times. The new foreign trade record in 2014 is a success for everyone in Bavaria. It represents growth, prosperity and jobs in our region.”

Aigner continued: “Political hot spots and global economic risks are a burden for our companies. Therefore it is ever more important to support the economy on national level by widening latitude for companies, in order to maintain competitiveness. That’s why I strongly advocate the reduction of all bureaucratic costs to the lowest possible minimum in every planne economic policy measure. We need more incentives to make investing in Germany more attractive and enable further foreign trade records.”

The Bavarian exports rose by 1.5 % in comparison to the last year. The imports into Bavaria grew by 2.3 % compared to 2013. Import and export reached a total volume of nearly 230 billion Euros in 2014, a high never before seen.

Source : www.stmwi.bayern.de