Positive half year statistics for Bavarian foreign trade


picture source www.bayern-international.de

Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner sees the foreign trade statistics for the first half of 2015 as a proof for excellent international competitiveness of Bavarian companies. “Bavarian exports are still rising, with an export volume of 87.3 bn Euros from January to June – that is 4.6% more in annual comparison. In June, exports were 9.1% higher than a year before, despite the current slump in China, an important trade partner.”

“The strength and dynamics of the Bavarian economic landscape, Ms. Aigner continues, is a result of the worldwide presence of our firms, and their close integration in the global economy. We have a current export rate of 51.2%: Bavaria’s successful exporters are a stable pillar of our ongoing economic boom. (…) It is also a result of our economic policy which helps the “Mittelstand” companies to enter foreign markets.”

Even the job market has some very good statistics to show, says Aigner: “Never before have so many social insurance payers worked in Bavaria before. According to the latest figures (May), there were 5.16 million workers in Bavaria. Even employment rates of older people are improving: with an employment rate of only 35% in the 60 to 65 year olds, there is a massive loss of knowledge for the job market here. Among the people aged over 65, very few work, and that’s why we need attractive pension legislation for the elderly who wish to continue working over the age limit.”

Consistent with the good health of the job market, the unemployment rate is plummeting. Each month of 2015 is was lower than a year before. Minister Aigner: “The current unemployment rate is at 3.4%, which is lower than in any other German Land. The good economic situation we experience in Bavaria has positive impacts on Bavarian workers who enjoy excellent job perspectives. The enormous amount of job openings in Bavarian firms is there to prove it. They substantiate the stability of the Bavarian economy.”

Source: www.stmwi.bayern.de