Minsiter St-Pierre visits Munich: Minsiter merk thanks Québec for support shown in refugees crisis


Minister St-Pierre visited Munich on Sept. 21, 2015, where she was welcomed by her counterpart, Minister Merk. Bavaria thanks Quebec for concrete help in wake of refugees crisis. (picture source Délégation générale du Québec à Munich | courtesy)

The Bavarian Minister of European Affairs and International Relations, Dr. Beate Merk, has expressed her warm thanks to the province of Quebec, a partner region of Bavaria, for their support in overcoming the refugees crisis. On the occasion of a visit to Munich by Quebec Minister of International Relations Ms. Christine St-Pierre, the Bavarian Chancellery and Minister Merk honoured the concrete efforts Quebec is making to help master the challenges posed by the enormous refugees waves arriving in Germany and Bavaria. Canada just sent in 10,000 emergency beds and covers to Germany, half of which from Quebec. They are being distributed in refugee camps in Northern Bavaria.

The government of Quebec also pushes for the Canadian government to take in more refugees from Syria than previously anticipated for 2015 and 2016, this way disburdening the European States who have taken in a tremendous amount of refugees. As a further step, Québec will help Bavaria on the field of linguistic and cultural integration of refugees, counting back on a long-standing expertise in this regard.

Minister Merk: “In the wake of the colossal task we are confronted with, our partner province Quebec is showing real solidarity. I am extremely grateful to Minister St-Pierre and the Government of Quebec. Our transatlantic partner is not only showing a genuine interest, but also shipping some very concrete help. This quick help was also made possible because of the long-standing friendship and the valuable contact networks we could rely on – ranging from Red Cross partnership to government administration over civil protection. I would wish to see such solidarity from other countries here in Europe”, Dr. Merk added.

The province of Quebec, 8 million inhabitants in Eastern Canada, is the country’s widest province with a total surface amounting to 4 times that of Germany’s. The partnership between Bavaria and Quebec is 26 years young and based on a particularly successful cooperation in economic affairs, research and culture. Both regions have a representation office in Montreal, resp. Munich.

Source: www.bayern.de