« Smart city » conference: Munich Deputy Head of Operations invited panelist


The Smart City conference, organized by Quebec daily Les Affaires, mingles municipal decision-makers and companies in one place in Montreal, to encourage exchanges about the implementation of the Smart City movement. The objective is to highlight international best practices in order to integrate them at a local level and benefit from advantages ranging from technological innovations to a decrease of systemic costs, updating administrative procedures or enhancing and adapting citizen services.

In 2014, the first edition of the Smart City conference welcomed more than 200 participants, among whom the mayors of Montreal and Quebec. As a follow-up of the exchanges initiated there, a mission to Paris, Barcelona, Lyon and Montpellier was organized in May 2015.

For the 2015 Smart City Conference on October 23, the City of Munich's Deputy Head of Operations, Mr. Bernhard Eller, will be the guest speaker for an international case study about the Bavarian capital's experience with the Smart City movement.

Mr. Eller is Deputy Head of the Economic Development Strategies Unit in the Department of Labor and Economic Development of the City of Munich. His past jobs in Bremen and Paris focused among other things on local and regional development questions. Currently his work concentrates on the development of Munich's creative district and the implementation of Munich's Action plan for the promotion of e-mobility.

In September 2015, the cities of Munich, Lyon (France) and Vienna (Austria) won a EU-sponsorship for the program "Smart Together". This aims at developing solutions for encouraging citizen participation through open-data exchange in two different kinds of projects: new urban developments (mobility solutions seeked) and infrastructure maintenance in already existing neighborhoods.

The conference is sponsored by Siemens.

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