The German Christmas Market in Quebec City, from November 27 to December 20 2015


The German Christmas Market in Quebec City, which started in 2009, will take hold of the picturesque town center again this year starting Friday November 27. The event was created by the Communauté allemande de Québec and enjoyed an immediate and tremendous success -- becoming one of Advent's not-to-miss tourist attractions. More than 70,000 visitors stroll through the little wooden cabins-lined alleys each year to shop for their Christmas gifts and get a feel of "the real thing" in Germany. The State of Bavaria Quebec Office is proud to support this one-of-a-kind event.

In Europe, Christmas markets have existed for centuries. The tradition developed especially in German-speaking regions -- Germany and Austria of course, but also Switzerland and... Alsace (Eastern France). During Advent -- the 4 weeks ahead of Christmas -- local artisans gather on the central village square, often around the church, to expose and sell their production. Most of the items will be Christmas decoration and wooden toys, but there's always several other specialties to make for great gift ideas. The world's biggest Christmas market takes place in Nuremberg. Of course, food and beverages are also available, especially the well-known Glühwein, world-famous Lebkuchen and other Christmas pastries. All of these will be present in Quebec.

Among novelties for this year's edition of the German Christmas Market in Quebec, don't miss the Kindermarkt -- a place for children with the "real" Santa Claus --, the Winterbar where to head after work... and the Little Black Forest, with its pine trees and authentic gingerbread house. As per popular demande, the "Chalet alpin" is back offering authentic German food specialties and a unique musical atmosphere. Last but not least, don't miss the rich cultural program offered throughout the duration of the Christmas Market, especially the opening concert with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra in the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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