Red Bull München is German ice hockey champion 2016


Red Bull München is Germany's ice hockey champion 2016 - picture via www.redbullmuenchen.de

For the first time in the club’s history, chief trainer Don Jackson’s team holds the championship title. The Munich club won the 4th game in the final playoff series by 5:3 against Wolfsburg Grizzlys. Goals by Toni Söderholm, Michael Wolf, Maximilian Kastner, Keith Aucoin and Steve Pinizzotto.

"It was the hard game we were expecting. Now I am just proud of my team," said Don Jackson, chief trainer since May 2014 and himself a former NHL player, among others with the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers.

PM Seehofer himself underscored the EHC Red Bull München’s championship title with a personal note: “With 5:3 against Wolfsburg, the still young club set a high standard right away! After just 6 years in the national ice hockey league, the Munich club are Germany champions. Remarkable individual players, discipline and a strong and quickly built-up solidarity among players were decisive success factors. And not to speak of the fans! To gather more than 6,000 spectators for the play-offs is an outstanding feat. I am deeply thankful also to their trainer: To see the enthusiasm with which Don Jackson celebrated the title, is to witness the dedication with which he works for his team.”

In 2014, another club from Bavaria was crowned champions: ERC Ingolstadt.