Joint parliamentary group: Bavarian Landtag welcomes Québec National Assembly’s Delegation for Relations with Bavaria (DANRBA)


From 10-14 October 2016, the Bavarian Landtag (regional Parliament) will welcome the members of the Québec National Assembly’s Delegation responsible for relations with Bavaria (DANRBA) , as a further step in their collaboration which was initiated in 2002.

During their visit, the parliamentarians will exchange views and best practices on various topics, ranging from social, cultural, linguistic and educational integration of refugees in Bavaria, to the "Blauer Engel" concept (Blue Angel, a label identifying products with a low environmental impact) and more generally labelling policies in Germany and in Bavaria, over innovation, green energy and green technologies development. Also on the agenda: several on-site visits at Bavarian companies and institutions.

In 2002, the Québec National Assembly and the Bavarian Landtag signed an agreement on inter-parliamentary collaboration. This created the mixed Québec-Bavarian parliamentary group, which brings together the Members of the National Assembly and the Landtag alternatively in Québec city and in Munich. The two parliaments’ members exchange their views on subjects of common interest.

Over the years the collaboration has intensified and now affects most fields of government action: In May 2016, the members of the Landtag’s Parliamentary Commission on Education visited Québec to gather information about integration and inclusion policies in Québec’s public education system. In 2013, the members of the DANRBA had come to Bavaria in order to exchange views on the challenges of immigration and demographic changes with their counterparts. In 2012, the members of the Landtag's G10 commission traveled to Québec for exchanges around the topic of privacy and personal data protection.