Siemens Canada invests more than $130 mn in its Dorval plant


Aeroderivative gas turbine - www.energy.siemens.com

German-based Siemens AG, through its subsidiary Siemens Canada, plans to invest $110.6 million in research and development activities at its plant in Dorval to design and make improvements to aero-derivative gas turbines. These turbines are used for, among other things, the production of electricity, and serve as a backup source in the event that the existing network is unable to meet the demand.

The global leader in advanced technologies also plans to invest $22 million to launch a platform of expertise related to Industry 4.0 and the implementation of a training system integrated into the workplace, inspired by the German “dual” model. Innovative implementation projects and manufacturing initiatives will be developed in collaboration with all of Siemens’ partners, including educational institutions, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Innovation, and Investissement Québec.  The Québec Government will grant the Company a loan of $20 million to support these investment projects.

The announcement of this project springs from discussions that were held in July 2016 in Munich between the Premier of Québec and Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens AG, and was announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Siemens is among a select few companies that are able to link the digital world to the material world. Following up on our meeting with the Premier in Munich last summer, this agreement allows us to bring our expertise and know-how in these areas to Québec, and to improve the competitiveness of our plant in Dorval. We are proud to have worked in close collaboration with the Government of Québec and Investissement Québec in reaching this agreement.”

Source http://www.siemens.ca