Americana 2017: Bavarian companies and clusters will be present at the envirotech trade fair in Montreal, from March 21-23


From March 21-23,  2017, in Montreal's Palais des Congrès, the Bavarian industry of environment technologies will be represented by the Bavarian environment cluster (Umweltcluster Bayern) as well as two companies from Bavaria at AMERICANA 2017's German Pavilion. With a forum offering 200 conferences and an exhibition of more than 350 participants, North America's biggest multi-sector environment technology trade fair is expecting 10,000 visitors.

Umweltcluster Bayern will represent  technology and know-how "made in Bavaria": the cluster recently concluded a partnership with Écotech Québec, its Québec counterpart, after a number of years of informal collaboration. Furthermore, two Bavarian companies will be on site: SUMA Rührtechnik, a conceptor of agitators and industrial mixers for biogas and wastewater (www.suma.de), and Wackerbauer Maschinenbau, specializing in the treatment of biological waste (www.wackerbauer-maschinenbau.de).

To set up a meeting with their representatives, feel free to contact
Frédéric Arsenault, Project manager, Economy & Technology,
State of Bavaria Quebec Office
+1 514 985 6522

Bavarian environmental technology is not new in Quebec: in the city of Varennes, SEMECS chose to implement Bavarian know-how for their biomass-generated gas plant.