Bavaria's Economic Affairs Minister Aigner on Bavarian exports 2016


Bavaria boot during a trade fair - www.bayern-international.de

In the past year, Bavaria exported more goods abroad than any year before and was able to post yet another export record for 2016. In annual comparison , the total value climbed to 183 billion Euros, which is a 2.5% progression from 2015. Imports have also risen to 166 billion Euros, another import record in comparison to 2015 (+2.8%) . The export surplus for 2016 (16.8 billion Euros) was therefore driven slightly down when compared to 2015.

Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms. Ilse Aigner, sees the strong export balance as a proof  of Bavarian companies' competitivity: "Our new exportation record is a clear evidence that Bavarian companies are extremely competitive." In the wake of rising critics against the German export surplus, Aigner responds: "International commercial ties are created on a voluntary basis, where both parties can take advantage." Those who export much are competitive, hence ensuring sustainable jobs for employees, she says.

Nevertheless, Ilse Aigner thinks it is necessary to continue strong homeland investments: "We need to finally be able to retain investment capital in Germany." Bavaria, she says, has long been advocating for an enhancement of general private investment conditions. "We need better rules for depreciation write-off, and a fiscal incentive for research activities." She also calls for inventives in energy-saving building renovations, which would trigger more investments in Germany.  She regrets that the SPD (social-democratic party) blocked this initiative on federal level.