A delegation of teachers from Munich visits Québec and Montréal in order to learn more about how to integrate immigrants in the public school system in Québec


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In order to learn from Quebec’s experience concerning the integration of immigrant children in the school and preschool systems, a group of Bavarian teachers and educators will seek the exchange with their counterparts from Québec.

The group, counting 17 people, is composed of teachers of primary and secondary schools, special educators, preschool educators, and officials of the Department for Education and Sports of the City of Munich. In Bavaria, part of the public schools (essentially the big urban centres) are administered by the cities in which they are settled. In the context of the refugee wave in Germany and especially in Bavaria since 2015, and relying on the Bavaria-Québec cooperation and the already-existing relations with the Québec Ministry of Education, the City of Munich’s department for Education wants to learn from the experience of Québec in the matter of integrating immigrants.

Among the topics that the program of meetings of the delegation is covering are:

  • alphabetization programs, French language classes and transitional classes;
  • the assignment of the youth to schools according to their prior education, to their language abilities and to free spots in schools;
  • the connection between the educational system and the parents;
  • etc.

First in Québec city, then in Montreal, the Bavarian participants will have the possibility to visit primary and secondary schools, French learning centres and centres for integration in the labor market, as well as a CPE (Centre de la petite enfance, i.e. nursery).

This visit follows the visit of the Bavarian Landtag’s Commission on Education, in Spring 2016, where politicians wanted to gather information about public education policies and integration of immigrants and refugees in Québec schools.