European metropolitain region Nürnberg now official digital hub of the Digital Strategy 2025 of federal Germany's Ministry of Economic Affairs


The European metropolitan region of Nürnberg (EMN) was officially designated as a digital hub within the federal initiative “Digital Hubs” launched as part of the Digital Strategy 2025 of Germany’s ministry of Economic Affairs. This was announced by federal minister Brigitte Zypries on April 21, 2017. The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and responsible for digitalization strategies, Ms. Ilse Aigner: “I commend the EMN region as well as Medical Valley EMN for their successful application. With the topic of e-health as its second official hub, Bavaria is recognized for the strength of its development on the digital front. It’s yet another evidence demonstrating the remarkable infrastructure of our region when it comes to the digital future, in a variety of industrial branches.” In November 2016 already, the region of Munich had been designated as a Digital hub in electric mobility.

The European metropolitan region of Nürnberg/Erlangen offers ideal conditions for a digital health hub. Besides world leaders of the medical technologies sector, Medical Valley gathers numerous start-ups and spin-offs of highly specialized research institutions, all governed by a widely recognized management team. The association Medical Valley EMN e.V. connects more than 200 members from the economy, science, health services, networks and politics, and boasts a vast experience in digital health issues – earned in the coordination of the initiative “Franconia, model region for the digital health economy”. Furthermore, Medical Valley EMN e.V. also coordinates the thematic platform “digital health/medicine” at Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (Bavarian Center for Digitalization). Ms Aigner continues: “At the heart of the Bavarian digitalization initiative, we bundle our digital competencies. Having the Erlangen/Nürnberg region designated as a digital health hub is just another push forward towards the digitalization of medicine and health services in general.”

As part of the initiative “Digital Hubs”, the German federal government identifies 12 regions (hubs). Bundling together start-ups, scientists, SME, industrial activity and administrative services, the goal is to transform these regions in digital hubs with an international outreach. “Medical Valley EMN is already outstandingly connected”, underlined Ms. Zypries, federal Minister of Economic Affairs.

Another goal of the initiative “Digital Hubs” is to support cooperation between business founders and existing, established companies.  According to Minister Ilse Aigner, here, too, Bavaria is best prepared: “Our initiative Gründerland Bayern (Bavaria, a land for founders), we encourage a close collaboration between start-ups and founders on one side, and established companies on the other side. The exchange of ideas, technologies, and new concepts is a winning strategy for everyone involved. This intention is now reinforced by the designation of this new hub, which liberates even more creative currents in Bavaria’s entrepreneurial landscape.”