The Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern from Munich to be introduced in Montreal as part of Printemps numérique series of events, June 6, 2017


Pr. Manfred Broy | zentrum-digitalisierung.bayern

As part of the large-scale "Printemps numérique" series of events in Montréal, the #intersections talks at the Canadian Centre for Architecture highlight digital transformations currently going on, and explore how innovations, politics and new digital approaches change our relation to the city.

On June 6, 2017, the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B) from Munich will be introduced in Montréal. Professor Manfred Broy, founding President of the ZD.B, will lay out the objectives of this new cooperation platform where industry, education institutions and R&D meet around topics touching the digital sectors: strengthening Bavaria’s competences and emphasizing its advantages in the context of the digitalisation of industrial processes - what is called Industry 4.0. Besides supporting new entrepreneurs, the ZD.B accompanies the social dialogue of these topics by building networks between teaching chairs, innovations laboratories in universities, and support teams dedicated to relief, from doctors to entrepreneurs.

In Montreal, Professor Broy will conduct the discussions with Mr. Gilles Savard, chief executive of IVADO, Mr. Frédéric Bastien, CEO of Mnubo, and Mr. Thomas Scarinci, senior vice-president, Aero-derivative gas turbines at Siemens Canada Ltd.

The digital revolution overturns companies with new ways of applying production processes, management techniques, business models and workforce. To stay competitive, companies must not miss this shift to industry 4.0. What is industry 4.0? How can you accelerate the digital transformation of companies? What are the challenges faced by the companies to stay competitive? How does the factory of the future look like?

When: Tuesday June 6, 2017, from 5pm to 9pm
Where: CCA / Canadian Centre for Architecture (1920, rue Baile, Montréal)

This event is organised in cooperation with the State of Bavaria Québec Office.