Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs Aigner on the Bavarian labor market figures for June 2017


source www.work-in-bavaria.de

MUNICH   The Bavarian labor market continues to develop positively. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner:

“An average unemployment rate of 3.0 % means full employment in Bavaria. We were able to slightly improve the very good figure of the prior month and even reduce it by 0.2 % compared to last year.”

The number of employees subject to social insurance contributions continued to grow in Bavaria, reaching more than 5.4 million in June 2017. The number of vacancies reached a new record high of over 118,000.

Aigner points out that the economic outlook continues to suggest a positive development.

“We are going through a stage of real, solid growth. Everything indicates that the demand for labor continues to rise. This is a consequence of the right public policy choices in recent years. In Bavaria, we have succeeded in creating new jobs and offering many people a secure employment.”

In the Bavarian administrative districts, the unemployment rates ranged between 2.6 % in Upper Palatinate and in Lower Bavaria, and 3.7 % in Middle Franconia, thus all well below the national average of 5.5 %.