Satudray, October 21, 2017: Exceptional concert in Montreal to highlight the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation



To highlight 500 years of Lutheran Reformation, Montreal music lovers will have the opportunity to attend two exceptional concerts in October 2017, presented by musicians from the MSO. The State of Bavaria Quebec Office is happy to partner with the celebration on October 21, 2017, “Hommage to Luther”, starting at 7:00 pm at the church Église du Très-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus (4215, rue Adam). It will be held under the honorary presidency of Maestro Kent Nagano and in presence of Montreal archbishop Mgr Christian Lépine, guest of honour. Among others, Rev. Wendell Grahlman (Eastern Lutheran Synod) and Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt (Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul) will also be present.

"Other than theology there is no art that comes close to music, for it alone, besides theology, grants that which in other cases only theology can achieve, namely tranquility and peace of the soul.”
Martin Luther in a letter (1530) to Ludwig Senfl, who is said to have been his favorite composer: at the October 21 concert 'Hommage to Luther', the musicians will play one of his works

The 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation gives us opportunity to highlight how this “revolution” contributed to philosophy, language, literature, education and politics – centuries before another revolution, e.g. the Enlightenment. It is also an occasion to reflect and to celebrate the progress of inter-religious dialogue between Christians that was a steady current of the past decades.

At the heart of Bavaria, which is usually known for being predominantly Catholic, the city of Augsburg is one of the capitals of the history of Protestantism. It is there that Martin Luther refused to recant his theses in 1518. It is also in Augsburg that the “Confessio Augustana”, the primary confession of faith of the Lutheran Church, was read for the first time in 1530. The Augsburg Peace was of course signed there, too – in 1555, opening a new era of peaceful relationships between Lutheran and Catholic States. Nowadays, the City of Augsburg holds an annual “Hohes Friedensfest” on 8th August: an event celebrating peaceful coexistence and the enrichment inter-cultural dialogue brings.

Another concert will take place on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Church of St Andrew & St Paul (3415 Redpath Street). More information can be found at www.rrc2017.ca

Admission to both concerts is free, though a voluntary contribution is suggested.