Bavarian Media Minister Eisenreich visits the Montreal headquarters of Rodeo FX: "Bavaria banks on the film and gaming industry / Innovation and creativity momentum for Bavarian economy"


State Minister Eisenreich with part of the Bavarian Gaming delegation visiting Rodeo FX in Montreal

On May 16, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Agenda, Media and Europe, Mr. Georg Eisenreich, met with management members of Rodeo FX, the world-renowned special effects and animations studio celebrated for its work on the successful series "Game of Thrones". Mr. Eisenreich:

"Bavaria banks on the film, gaming and new technologies such as virtual realit and augmented reality. Not only are these branches exciting, they also bring a tremendous innovative and creative momentum with them to the Bavarian economy. I am happy that we could convince world leader Rodeo FX to chose to settle in Munich for their European studio. This choice demonstrates beyond any doubt that Bavaria plays in the major leagues."

Mr. Eisenreich was visiting the Montreal headquarters of Rodeo FX with an important delegation of Bavarian business people from the gaming branch, as well as economic and political representatives. On the invitation of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, the participants tie contacts in the partner region Quebec. Mr. Eisenreich:

"Rodeo FX's expansion in Munich is a wonderful success. Now we set to continue convincing companies from the film and gaming industries to come settle in Bavaria. There, they will find an open ear, the FFF  Bayern as the strongest financing partner of all German Länders, and an ecosystem of successful and innovative companies."

The minsiter adds that the Bavarian government is working on enhancing the existing conditions for this industry:

"In 2018, we increase public funding to international coproductions in the film industry, to more than 6 million euros. As the first German Land to do so, Bavaria has set up a EU-acknowledged support program for gaming companies which offers funding of up to half a million euros for individual projects. The total amount allotted to the gaming industry was quadrupled between 2016 and 2018, to the level of 2 million euros. Within the Bavarian State Chancellery, we have established a dedicated "Film & Gaming" department, which works as the main contact for the branch. On federal level, too, we are set to enhance existing conditions, working towards a public funding program for executive producers with DFFF2, as well as a specific federal funding targeted to the gaming sector. All these endeavours show that for Bavaria, film and gaming are serious matter."

Rodeo FX is a world leader in special effects and animation for films and TV series, for instance "Game of Thrones", "Bladerunner 2049", and "Birdman". Since its inception in 2006, Rodeo FX won countless prizes. The company employs around 500 people in its studios in Montreal, Quebec City, Los Angeles and Munich. The Munich studio will be officially inaugurated in September 2018 -- the location was preferred to London, UK.