Mini Satellites Project awarded EU Research Grant – leadership from Bavaria


(c) Zentrum für Telematik, Uni Würzburg

In autumn 2018, Professor Klaus Schilling, Competence Centre for Telematics (ZfT) in Würzburg, Germany, and two Israeli scientists from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology won the coveted and highly endowed ERC Synergy Grant of the European Research Council. With transdisciplinary scientific excellence being the sole selection criterion for this award, the three researchers will have more than 14 million euros at their disposal over the next six years.

With this funding, a formation of ten microsatellites will use computer tomography methods to record the composition of clouds (inner layers and water content), one of the most crucial uncertainty factors for climate models at the moment. These new measurements are intended to provide more accurate climate predictions.

The project called "CloudCT" is based on Professor Schilling’s preparation work within the “NetSat” project (ERC Advanced Grant 2012) and the RLS-Sciences project "Small Satellites" of the partner regions. Bavaria and its partner regions have been cooperating since 2016 to send mini-satellites into space for joint earth observation. Prof. Dr. Schilling coordinates the overall project with partners from five continents.

More about the ERC awarded research project: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/aktuelles/einblick/single/news/satelliten-international-unterwegs/

Video reporting by BR (in German): https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/wuerzburger-forscher-bekommen-hochdotierten-forschungspreis,R7Gt1a7