The Success Stories


The Union Pacific GP38-2 (USA), which already uses the A.S.T. system - picture, NorthShoreRailFan
The Union Pacific GP38-2 (USA), which already uses the A.S.T. system - picture, NorthShoreRailFan

"Angewandte System Technik GmbH" (A.S.T.) is a medium sized Bavarian company, the head office being in Wolznach. The company is specialized in test systems and energy saving applications for various industrial sectors. One of the key sectors' activity is the railroad industry: A.S.T. developed a pre-heating system for the locomotives, which offers the possibility for the train conductor to turn off the engine when the train is stopped, without the danger of freezing, since the system keeps the motor at a constant temperature. Thus, engines may be stopped and restarted even at very low temperatures. This product's energy efficiency has already been proven in several projects in Europe and Russia. The objective is to avoid idling and reduce the diesel consumption. In fact, this system allows savings of more than 3,800 gallons of diesel per month during wintertime, which results in a reduction of 45,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.    

A.t.pngA.S.T has been interested in the Canadian market for years, but it turned out to be a difficult market to penetrate. "We had established the first contact, but the discussions have not yet gone further. In 2009, we participated in a delegation of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and we were able to gather precious informations during the visit to Quebec. After the visit, the State of Bavaria Quebec Office succeded in finding the right contact person, thanks to their excellent local network. That is how we could get in touch with the right people at Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)." explains Mr. Boeck, president of A.S.T "At the same time we got the information that the ministry for Transports in Quebec (MTQ) was to implement energy efficiency programs, which could support our project. That's how we could convince the client in the end." 

The first tests conducted during the winter 2010-2011 were successful. CPR have therefore decided in May 2011 to equip 400 of their locomotives with the new A.S.T system. In August 2011, further tests with new types of locomotive were to determine if CPR would introduce 700 more systems, should the tests' outcome be positive.   

„In only a year, the fuel savings have already made up for the investment made in the new system! After the successful market entry with CPR, we hope to find new clients in North America”, adds Mr. Boeck.