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Bavaria is an ideal location for producing “green LEDs”

The Canadian technology enterprise Tesla Digital sets up production in Mömbris, Lower Franconia. Founded in 2010, the firm has its headquarters in the Canadian city of Windsor (Ontario), where it employs a staff of 130. Initially, 30 employees are to be taken on at the Bavarian site. Canada is an interesting and longstanding business partner for Bavarian industry. In 2010, the bilateral volume of trade between Canada and Bavaria came to some 1.9 billion euro. Over 1,200 Bavarian firms have business relations with Canadian companies.

Invest in Bavaria spoke with Steve Pokrajac, managing director of the German branch of Tesla Digital and discussed features of his product.

Tesla Digital uses the term “Green LEDs” in advertising campaigns – what do you do differently?
We developed a unique technology with enormous energy saving potential. We keep the LED cold, i.e. no heat develops. In addition, we work without transformers. We can directly connect our LEDs from 30 V to 600 V and thus avoid loss of luminosity and light quality.

What are the most complex areas for the use of LEDs?
We face the greatest challenges, if designers have developed special lamps with filigree details and thus require special designs. But as we produce everything in-house, we can be very flexible.

Which role can LEDs play in supporting the change in energy politics?
Not those well-known Chinese LEDs, but high-quality LEDs will play a major role – together with our technology, which powers LEDs.

Can you give us an example?

Using our technology street lamps, which now use 80 watts and together with transformers
even up to about 150 watts, will in future only need between 8 and 12 watts. When considering that 25 to 30 per cent of all energy consumption is used for light, the importance for change is obvious.

Why are you setting up your new production facility in Bavaria instead of low-wage countries?
First of all, I prefer the location since I have been living here for quite some time. Secondly, Bavaria is highly flexible, supports new technologies and, I hope, will soon have implemented our lighting systems. Production in low wage countries does not pay off. What good are cheap wages, if quality suffers? Many people are wrong in this respect!

Source: Invest in Bavaria