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A Bavarian jazzband at the International Jazz Festival in Montreal

Sorgente poster

For several years, the Montreal Office of the State of Bavaria invited a Bavarian jazz group to Montreal. It was the perfect opportunity for the Montreal public to enjoy excellent Bavarian jazz music, during one of the most famous jazz festivals in the world. On July 4th 2008, the Bavarian Sorgente had their show in Montreal. Fabio Spagna. singer, keytarist and founding member of the groupe Sorgente, remembers:

„We received an email from our management with the subject “Canada Jazz Festival Montreal 2008”. We were ecstatic and couldn’t believe our luck! Our band in Canada, Montreal? Unbelievable! It was the first time ever that we took a plane as a group to travel overseas!

Of course it was a big challenge for us to play in front of an international audience. So many questions went through our mind: Will the public like our lyrics? Are we ready to face an international crowd? Can we stand next to the famous musicians that are going to play during the festival? You could literally feel the energy going on between us. We were all very anxious, but we knew that all our questions would only be answered once on stage.

Then came the moment we were all waiting for: SHOWTIME

I will never forget this concert. All of a sudden we were on another continent, standing in front of a big crowd of 8,000 to 10,000 people. All our dreams and hopes became reality, everything went smoothly. People were into our music, they partied with us, and it was incredible! After the extra performance the audience went on to cheer for minutes. Hundreds of autograph hunters stood next to the backstage fence. Even days after the show people would recognise us on the street; they congratulated and wanted photos from us. A restaurant owner invited us to dinner; he had seen our show with his kids.

After the success we had at the Jazz Festival in Montreal in 2008 we realised that we wanted to pursue an international career. The incredible feedback we got from our show and the contacts we established during that time proved that we were ready for it. We now had more confidence and it showed: we had the opportunity to do additional international performances like in Los Angeles Viper Room, 2 concerts in Australien Perth, New-York City and Montreux. In 2009 we won the award for “Best International Rock Performer of The Year “at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

If the Bavarian State’s Montreal Office didn’t support us through their funds, the whole project would have never happened. So much has changed for us since this travel. We are so happy we had the chance to do it; otherwise, we would never have had the courage to step on the international scene. We could finally take the next big step and we will always be grateful for this.

We will also never forget the invitation to the office of the Bavarian State. We were so far away from home, but when we sat down to eat, being offered Leberkäse, Bretzeln and white beer, we knew at this moment that we were not alone.”

Listen to part of their performance in Montréal
Website: sorgente-music.de