The Success Stories

Bauer Foundations

Bauer machinery
For the Peribonka cut-off wall portion, Bauer mobilized the biggest ever manufactured cutter, designed specifically for this project. ©

The Bauer Group is a German group specializing in deep construction and machinery. Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH, the parent company, is a world leader in deep foundation construction on sites with special requirements, from high-pressure injection to earthquake-resistant buildings. The company’s head office is located in Schrobenhausen, about 80 km north of Munich.

During construction of the Péribonka dam, from April 2004 to December 2006, Bauer Spezialtiefbau was mandated to build the dam’s foundations. This meant drilling to record depths while meeting Hydro-Québec’s schedule. Given that the company had to send its own experts abroad, Bauer Spezialtiefbau faced the problem that its German employees’ salaries would pay double taxation: in addition to payroll taxes paid in Germany, the employer was required, under Quebec’s tax regulations, to pay an additional percentage of the salaries for Quebec’s social safety net.

“Thanks to particularly close relations maintained with Quebec administrations by the State of Bavaria for many years, we were able to solve this problem relatively fast,” reported Mr. Lars Richter, Director of Bauer Foundations Canada Inc. “In a similar case between Quebec and France, the adjustment had taken 6 years! Thanks to the longstanding involvement of the State of Bavaria in Quebec, it took us less than one year. From the start, we were referred to the right interlocutors – this enabled us to make our case in an infinitely more credible way than if we had been alone.”

Bauer LogoBut Bauer’s success in Canada doesn’t stop there. Following its 2007 participation in a delegation organized by the State of Bavaria Montreal Office and led by then Secretary of State of Economy Hans Spitzner, Bauer Foundations Canada opened an office in Calgary (Alberta). Since 2008, the company has been awarded many contracts in the tar sands industry by oil producers such as Shell and Syncrude.

Bauer Foundations Canada was also mandated to build foundations for the pylons of the bridge on Montreal’s new Highway 30, scheduled to be completed in October 2012.