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Bavarian company Travian Publishing will ensure international expansion of new game by Canadian developer ODD1

Tower Heroes
Tower Heroes: developed by Montreal's ODD1, marketed by Munich's Travian Games - © odd1.net

Travian Publishing is a Munich-based video game company specializing in multiplayer browser based games. Founded in 2005, it relies on 120 million worldwide registrations and markets its games in over 50 countries and 42 languages. Since its foundation it has earned several innovation awards in Germany and abroad. With over 230 employees, Travian Games GmbH ranks among Bavaria’s largest employers in the media and games industry.

Travian initiated the idea of working with the Canadian developer ODD1 during the March 2010 edition of the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco.  The following September, Travian Games CEO Florian Müller participated in a delegation to Montreal, led by the former Head of Chancellery and Minister in charge of Media Mr. Siegfried Schneider. “The State of Bavaria Montreal Office had arranged several meetings and networking opportunities for the delegation’s participants, Mr. Müller recalls. The participation in the delegation was a great opportunity for us to visit ODD1 in Montreal and continue our project discussions.”

Travian-odd1-logosAs a result of these meetings and ongoing talks, in August 2011, ODD1 signed a license agreement with Travian Publishing covering "Tower Heroes", a multiplayer, browser-based game, merging deep strategic gameplay, RPG (role playing games) and an innovative battle mode. Travian Publishing is to deal with all aspects of marketing, running and international expansion of the product, while ODD1 concentrates on the game content and continuous improvement.
Travian Publishing CEO Florian Müller explained: “This is our first third-party product developed by a studio on a different continent. The technical features, the promising gameplay and, not least, our Canadian partner’s extremely experienced and professional team completely convinced us that this project could land us a real hit!”

Sources: www.traviangames.de